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Robotic process automation is one of the crucial technologies to achieve Hyperautomation in any organization. It uses software robots (bots or computer software) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks by emulating human actions with the digital systems.

RPA Bots are configurable and perform tasks like triggering responses, integrate incompatible systems, execute tasks in conditional sequence without breaks and zero mistakes. These bots can be cloned and reused to scale the operations at any level.

AutomationEdge –

True RPA Platform

AutomationEdge Robotic Process Automation creates a digital workforce for organizations to run operations round the clock without errors. It is one of the fastest RPA tools in data processing.


CogniBot NLU understands the language of IT. It can effectively disambiguate confusing utterances while interacting with employees. AutomationEdge CogniBot model is designed and trained using data available from millions of IT tickets. Conversation dialogs are built automatically.

The automation of repetitive and mundane tasks optimizes the actual efforts to perform the task. The absence of human element in such processes allows RPA bots to work at its optimum level without errors. This results in reduced wait time, cost and efficiency.



One of the crucial features of automation is its ability to integrate compatible and non-compatible applications. RPA integrates business applications by sharing information. It uses UI automation to read data and navigate through applications. This allows RPA to integrate any application.

Data comes in different formats like word document, excel, pdf, and most of the time it is not in the format required to feed in application or analyse. RPA can read data and make it available in the required format for the processing. AutomationEdge RPA is the fastest data processing tool in the market.

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